Dub Sirens for Dub DJs

This is the Nintendub

Specs are the same of MachDub Deluxe (without Jah Love)

This is the MachDub Deluxe

MACHDUB Deluxe photo
More photos at MACHDUB Deluxe Photo collection

A Dub siren into an old (brand new!) retro joystick.

  • Generates 8 blasting sounds
  • Double Pitch control:
    moving stick or Jah Love power!
  • JAH LOVE: Light dependant control, move your hands over to modify the sound
  • Two touch sensors, Pitch Shifter and Distortion (could be helpful in case of Apocalypse)
  • 4 positions switch shaft
  • 2 sound banks switch
  • Sound OFF soft button
  • Sound START soft button on stick
  • Unjamming locking stick system for an accurate control on sound
  • Power led light
  • VanDamme Oxygen Free Copper cable with 1/4" (6.35 mm) Mono Jack socket
  • Runs by Power Supply (DC 5v max) or batteries (two AA 1.5v)

With this work I've focused, like others that will come, on reuse and recycling. The joystick is brand new out of the box. I modded it with the idea of changing its original destination of use, from pc games to music.
This is the main reason why I didn't change its colour or added lights and other eyecatching stuff. I hope you can understand my thought, it's not a box with knobs and buttons, it's a new kind of device. The final user can modify the enclosure colour by painting it but consider not to open it or modify the inside circuit.
The "Deluxe" adjective is added due to the cool features and the joystick model.
Upcoming MACHDUB Sirens joysticks are planned without deluxe features.
Every MACHDUB Sirens is handmade by me, signed and numbered inside. I assure the best quality and service.


Here is an old video, sorry for the bad video quality and speech ;-)